About David Oatley

David was born in 1950 and was educated at the Wells Cathedral School, where he developed his love of painting and drawing. He then worked in the construction industry for forty years which prevented him from practicing his art. As he is now retired he can spend and enjoy much of his time painting.

David is based in the heart of the Cotswold's which provide his inspiration, painting local towns and village scenes, as well as landscapes. Having worked for many years in the building Industry he has an affinity with architecture, taking special enjoyment when painting town and village scenes.

Watercolour as a medium is very popular, but to some it may be associated with the Victorian era. David creates watercolour paintings which are very different, they have a freshness and intensity which tend to be associated with oils or acrylic paints, producing paintings which are not only accurate in detail, but also strong on colour.

If you like David's paintings the majority listed in the gallery are available as originals or as prints. He is also available for commissions.  Why not have a portrait of your home, office, garden or any particular scene you choose. He hopes that you enjoy his paintings and should you wish to purchase one in any form please contact him.